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15.03.05 Site design updated

13.02.05 added photos of DHEU created in Moscow

25.01.05 in Moscow started assimbly of 10 KWt DHEU.


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Nikolay I. Lenew
- author of invention




Dumless HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION or Hydro Energy Unit (HEU) - nontraditional hydroenergetic unit. Unit for development of the electric power by means of use of a water flow of a natural channel of the river, without preliminary building of hydraulic engineering structures.

We offer you installation capable to solve a problem of electrosupply of any object from a private house up to a large factory.

Dear visitors we've moved to lenev.ru. But there is no english version of a site, you can use AltaVista Babelfish to translate our pages. English version will be later.

Dear visitors we tired to delete spam messages from my guestbook, therefore we've decided to delete guestbook. If you have something to tell us use forum.

Dear visitors now we have a forum. We think it would be very usefull for you.

Dear visitors, at this site you can find new ivention of energetics. You can try to participate in our project. You need no special skills nor big money. Just read carefully and think, have you anything of junk that can fit to create such construction. May be you can interest neighbour who have old generator. And try to assembly DHEU at nearest brook or river. Call us, e-mail us we ready to help you and will answer any query.
  If you venture organize mass issue of DHEU, we will be glad to see and to hear you: call us, visit us, we will give you maximum of information about DHEU. By the way our construction can be assembled with diverse materials - wood, metall, plastic, anything that you have.

  Diverse variations of DHEU performed on our site:

- NPO Prikladnoi mehaniki M.Ph. Reshetnev, Zheleznogorsk of Krasnoyarsky kray (metallic variation, tested on rivers of Krasnoyarsky kray)
- Shushenskoe of Krasnoyarsky kray (wooden-metallic welded variation)
- by pupils of Secondary school #2 of Shushenskoe of Krasnoyarsky kray (wooden variation)
- by author and his sons (variaton of 2 camp-cots)
- JSC "DMZ-Kamov" Dubna of Moscow region (metallic variation).




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