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15.03.05 Site design updated

13.02.05 added photos of DHEU created in Moscow

25.01.05 in Moscow started assimbly of 10 KWt DHEU.


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Nikolay I. Lenew
- author of invention


DHEU by one of Moscow plants

3D model of DHEU

On the given site it is impossible to place files with the drawings of unit (politics of a server), therefore all interested in manufacture of given unit for discussion of the given question should contact to the author personally.

DHEU cascade variation

The given updating illustrates cascade variation of unit. As well as was described on the previous page there is an opportunity of a set of capacity by installation DHEU one after another.

DHEU industrial sample


DHEU on testing at nature condition

Testing on Bazaiha river at Krasnoyarsk. Summer of 2003.

DHEU on testing at nature condition

Flow, coming into unit, of the river here is represented, its speed is equal to 1 meter per second.

DHEU on testing at nature condition

And here leaving flow which speed already 3,14 meters per second..




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